Firmoo Giveaway!

I’m doing a giveaway in collaboration with, a global online Optical store where you can find different glasses as well as sunglasses. They also offer a very convenient option on their website called virtual try-on system, where you can simply add your photo and then ‘try on’ different pairs of glasses to see how they would look on you! I think this is an awesome feature for buying glasses online, because obviously you can’t try them on for real and this helps you get an idea what the glasses will look like on you.

I will randomly pick 5 winners who will receive a 15$ voucher each, to spend in Firmoo’s online store. It can only be used once and it does not cover the shipping costs. The winners can choose the product from new arrivals online, which can be found here. I think they are offering a great range of different glasses for really affordable pricing.

How to enter this giveaway?

1) Follow my blog

2) Like my Facebook page

3) Follow me on Instagram

4) Leave a blog comment to tell which Firmoo glasses you like

The giveaway is opened internationally (Please check if they ship to your country – here).

The winners will be announced on Facebook and Blog on Saturday, 6.9.2014.

Good luck!

Take care of your hands

I hate having dry skin, especially on my hands. I love using hand creams and I do have quite a few of them. My current favorites are L’Occitane’s hand cream from their Fleur d’Or & Acacia range, Kamill’s Classic cream for cuticles and Konad’s oil for nails and cuticles.

Hand cream

Both creams smell amazing & they make my hands feel really soft and well nourished.

What are your favorite ‘hand care’ products?

Skin product of the year!

This year, I’ve fell in love with St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. I did some research on the internet, because I wanted a quality self tanner, that wouldn’t make me look orange, would stay on for a decent amount of time & wouldn’t look weird after a few showers.

I firstly ordered a smaller version of the St. Tropez bronzing mousse (50ml), to see if it will work out for me, and I LOVE it! I’ve used it for approximately 5 times now (which is not bad for a small bottle like this), and I still have some product left.

St Tropez

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My new hair care routine!

I recently dyed my hair, because I’ve had the same color for a really long time. I was in a desperate need of changing it, because I had terrible roots, split ends, etc,… I decided to get highlights, to brighten the color and make it look a bit more interesting. I was super pleased with the results, the color came out great and I love it.

But because I had really dark brown hair (dyed many times before), they had to use hydrogen on my hair, to get rid of the color that was on them and in the end they’ve put a nice golden/honey color all over my hair, to even them out.

Because this kind of technique is a bit damaging on your hair, it’s advised that you use a lot of oils and quality products on your hair, because they become dry and can more easily get damaged.

Hair care routine

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New in – Guess wallet

I was in a desperate need of a new wallet, so I was really happy when I saw this one. My current Guess wallet is falling apart and because I’ve had it for a really long time & loved it, I decided to pick one up from their store again.

Guess wallet

This one is brown with a gorgeous pop of pink color. I love the pink strap that comes with it, making it perfect for carrying it around with me, when I just go out for some quick lunch during work or something like that.

Guess walletThe price for it was just under 60€.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post. Do you like Guess wallets and/or bags?

Anti – Cellulite Cream: yay or nay?

I received this Cocktail 4d Body Lotion a few weeks ago from Afrodita Cosmetics. It’s a body lotion with refreshing effect for skin areas affected by cellulite. It has 4 active ingredients: lemon essential oil, sacred lotus, butcher’s broom and grapefruit essential oil. You’re supposed to use this product every night & morning, massaging it into the skin.

Afrodita Anti Cellulite

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